Nasir Grissom

Nasir Grissom


Hi! My name is Nasir Grissom. 

I am a creative, forward thinking, and performance-driven first-generation college sophomore at Williams College. Currently, I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Economics with a concentration in Public Health. Raised in Los Angeles, I dedicate a substantial part of my time trying to understand the ways that private and public sector institutions interact with the economic well-being of low-income individuals and minority groups. 

Additionally, I am interested in utilizing research-based skills to understand historical archiving, conditions for economic-mobility, and the effects of pay-day lending. Through my work and studies, I intend to gain the necessary theoretical and practical skills to analyze statistical and empirical data. I am currently interning at Haven Neighborhood Services to advance my career and obtain skill sets in nonprofit management and program development.

Haven Neighborhood Services
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