Success Stories

For over a decade, Haven Neighborhood Services has maintained an unwavering commitment to the financial health, housing security, and education of our community members. Please see our clients' testimonies that demonstrate our significant impact on their lives.

Thanks to Erika and her team for helping me build my credit. It’s really good right now!

William Landrum - U.S. Veteran

In 2012, I was homeless. In 2017, I became a homeowner. All thanks to Haven Neighborhood Services.

Adam Pasch - U.S. Veteran

Haven is a little office that does business in a huge way because they are not saving people’s assets, they’re saving people’s lives

Barbara Cuzick - Senior Citizen

Seeing my mom crying and praying and thanking god that she gets to stay in her home. It puts a smile on my face.... This place really helped her.

Chris Jackson - Community Member

Haven, te da esperanza. La esperanza que no perder lo que tienes y conseguir el éxito. Es lo que llamas el sueño americano.

Gregorio Perez - Community Member

Haven Neighborhood Services
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