Andre Kupelian

Andre Kupelian


Andre Kupelian is a college graduate from Sonoma State University with a B.S. in Computer Science with a heavy background in C++ development. Andre will serve as an Intern for Haven Neighborhood Services looking to apply his software development skills and experiences while also expanding his knowledge on financial literacy. Andre’s comprehension consists of various languages and program applications within the computer industry and will serve as a resource to help optimize Haven’s data management as well as facilitate electronic administration conversions. 

Andre has previously worked as a Technical Assistant to the Sonoma State University Human Resource Department where he increased the efficiency at which employees could generate daily reports by reorganizing and improving the department's database as well as performed numerous website updates and maintenance for the department web pages. His passion for problem solving and creating the most efficient solutions are going to be instrumental in the projects he will collaborate on at Haven Neighborhood Services.

Haven Neighborhood Services
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