Thanks to Erika and her team for helping me build my credit. It’s really good right now!

William Landrum - U.S. Veteran

In 2012, I was homeless. In 2017, I became a homeowner. All thanks to Haven Neighborhood Services.

Adam Pasch - U.S. Veteran

Haven is a little office that does business in a huge way because they are not saving people’s assets, they’re saving people’s lives

Barbara Cuzick - Senior Citizen

Seeing my mom crying and praying and thanking god that she gets to stay in her home. It puts a smile on my face.... This place really helped her.

Chris Jackson - Community Member

Haven, te da esperanza. La esperanza que no perder lo que tienes y conseguir el éxito. Es lo que llamas el sueño americano.

Gregorio Perez - Community Member

Haven Neighborhood Services
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