Ruben Sanchez

Ruben Sanchez

VITA Coordinator

Ruben Sanchez was born and raised in South Central LA and is currently a VITA Site Coordinator. He earned his B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business from San Francisco State University.

While at SFSU Ruben was an active member of the community through his volunteer work at Clinica Martin Baro. Through his participation at Clinica Martin Baro, he uplifted the community by providing free healthcare services to the underserved immigrant community of the Mission district in San Francisco. He was also an active volunteer at the local Boys and Girls Club as he felt it was important to inspire youth to succeed intellectually, and financially.

After graduation, Ruben started his career in the financial industry for a major financial institution. However, he was not fulfilled by the organization's corporate culture and social justice commitment. He sought a smaller financial institution with a Social Justice and Environmental focus where he was able to expand his knowledge and make a difference in his client's lives.

Ruben is ecstatic to bring his years of experience and knowledge in the financial and social justice realm to Heaven Neighborhood Services. One of his largest joys is uplifting and seeing his community prosper.

Haven Neighborhood Services
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