Erendira Luna

Erendira Luna

VITA Coordinator

Erendira Luna was born and raised in South Central LA and is currently a VITA Site Coordinator. She earned her B.A. in Political Science and Chicanx/o and Latin American Studies from UCLA.

While at UCLA, Erendira was in MEChA de UCLA as a Mentorship Coordinator, connecting first-generation students to academic, financial, and social resources. This experience highlighted the importance of community leadership and knowledge-sharing. Similarly, her recent work tutoring elementary kids, Erendira was able to co-create a holistic learning environment. This not only supported their academic growth but also encouraged them to become more involved within their school system. (She hopes to bring that same encouraging energy to Haven.) She strongly believes that everyone has the right to participate in community-driven groups. Erendira is eager to explore Haven’s Services’ resources tailored to individual needs in low-and moderate-income (LMI) neighborhoods.

For fun, Erendira enjoys visiting local cafes around LA County, sipping coffee as the morning sun rises. Given the opportunity, she likes to spend her time outside, whether it's walking, having a picnic, or a casual meet up. During the cold season, Erendira likes to crochet beanies and bandanas while visiting the snowy mountains. Feel free to ask her about her current project!

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