Angel Lopez

Angel Lopez

VITA Coordinator

Angel recently graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, where he achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree with the Highest Distinction of General Scholarship for the major of English and the minor of Creative Writing. Working now at Haven Neighborhood Services as a VITA Site Coordinator, Angel strives to bring his multidisciplinary background to better promote and conduct free tax preparation services to Southern California’s most vulnerable populations. With a firm belief that education remains a continuous and progressive process, Angel hopes to expand his knowledge of financial literacy and housing, both in practice and impact, to better serve the communities that shaped him. 

Being born and reared as a first-generation American in the San Fernando Valley by a single mother, Angel understands well the importance of financial security to ameliorate an individual’s economic and emotional wellbeing. For this reason, any and all that come to him will be content to find a level of cultural competency that will leave them feeling heard and cared for. Indeed, the mission statement of Haven coincides harmoniously with his philosophy that the betterment of society begins with the individual and the family.

Haven Neighborhood Services
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